Emoticons – Bring The Fun Back!

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Emoticons in Action
Photos by Harmesh Valley

Being a text fanatic, the iPhone App Emoticons sure does make texting more enjoyable. This App allows texting from iPhone to iPhone with pictures from smiley faces to cars, flag, drinks and many more. With so much variety you could just use the pictures only to get your message across. It cleverly adds on to your iPhone keypad making it easy to use.

All iPhone Emoticons

Its really good fun so download while it’s free. I put a together a picture of every single emoticon from the app.

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  • Harmesh

    Might be worth splitting the picture in half and putting it on top of each other??

    • http://www.taramagazine.com Rinkesh Patel

      Can you please re-direct such advice to our photographer, who maybe should have edited the images first…

  • Harmesh

    Well if the photo dude knew the picture was going to turn out like that, I’m sure he wouldn’t put it on as you you can’t see nothing. Sending you another version now dude.

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