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Dragon Dictation iPhone App
Images courtesy of Harmesh Valley

Texting whilst driving is probably the most dangerous thing I do. So I’ve always dreamed of writing a text message by just speaking out the words, and now with this new App called Dragon Dictation, my dream has come true.

This is all I do now:

  1. Open up Dragon Dictation
  2. Stick it into first (gear stick)
  3. Press record on the Dragon Dictation
  4. Say what I want to say in the text message
  5. Press stop
  6. Take my right turn after checking mirror, signalling and manoeuvring
  7. By then the speech should have been converted into text
  8. Then choose the option of how you want to send the text, could be through the most likely text, or email, facebook or even twitter.
  9. And finally send the massage to the desired person.
  10. Hopefully your rear mirror is not flashing with blue lights at this stage.

Get the drift?

It’s a quality App, especially for its accuracy and efficiency. The more you use it, the more you realise how clever and effective it is. One bad thing about this app (good for some of us) is the fact that Dragon Dictation doesn’t pick up foul language, f***s sake!

Dragon Dictate App

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