What’s The Fuzz About Google Buzz?

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Google Buzz

Google have decided to get into the social media market, with their latest venture Google Buzz. With Google having a hand in all markets and having the biggest reputation in the world, I think they figured that they could not go without a social media feature. What I can gather from the reports is that they are not building a completely new website; they are going with a Gmail integrated social feature.

The comments on some forums boards and website posts does not seem to give Google much hope and you can gather that Gmail is not as popular as the other free email accounts like Hotmail, but I think you have to remember that Google have such a huge reputation, tell me, who has not got Google as their home page because I have, and on reputation alone they could get it right. Competing with Facebook and Twitter is one difficulty they’re going to have to overcome. They just need to try and make it user friendly and not over-complicate it

What Google have got with Gmail is the 10 million users and because they are integrating both the Gmail and Google Buzz together, they are taking the good bits from Facebook or Twitter and using it to their advantage. So for example, you are uploading your photos to Google Buzz, or uploading a video but then you remember you need to send an email, it’s all on the same page without ever having to leave Google.

Does it seem to you that Google are taking over the world? What I mean is they are bringing out new products and services every day. I am still waiting to see the Google brand on food packages; I guess that’s not far off.

So get your Gmail account and see what Google Buzz can do for you.

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