Top 3 Travel Gadgets

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There’s definitely something about holidays, it’s either the excitement of the destination or the boredom of the flights itself. As you may be aware, not everyone is cut out to read books (like me), so here are 3 gadgets that could help you out on your travels.

1. Macbook Air

This Macbook Air is Apple’s idea of the perfect travel companion for any executive and average man, and it’s pretty much what you would expect out of from Apple: a razor slim work of art of engineering designs that, in ways large and small, favours sophistication over realism. To reduce unattractive ports it eliminates the Ethernet and Firewire slots. To uphold an outline slim sufficient to fit into an interoffice envelope, it does without a CD/DVD drive and sports a battery that can’t quite make it from Heathrow to Europe on a single charge (yet can’t be replaced by a new one). Still, this is the computer we would bundle into our piece of luggage if we had our druthers. The screen is stunning. The keyboard is full-size and backlit for when the cabins illumination is dim, and with a built-in camera and microphone, it doubles as a videophone for conducting face-to-face meetings without the jetlag.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s first-generation e-book reader positively needs development. The page-turn buttons are clumsily placed, among other things, but anyone who likes to read on the road should consider it an essential companion. That’s because you can take an absolute library with you. The 10.3-ounce device holds around 200 books; considerably more if you load books onto external SD cards. Better yet is Whispernet, Amazon’s built-in wireless service, it piggybacks on Sprint’s EVDO network and that delivers books on instant demand in seconds. If you have access to an Internet-connected computer on the road, you can also email Word documents to an Amazon service that automatically translate them to Kindle’s format and send them to the reader.

3. Sony’s evolutionary PSP

Handheld gaming consoles have come a lengthy way since Nintendo started the market with the Gameboy. No more low graphic black and white screens. Sony’s PSP is the craze of the moment, and you would not regret it one bit if you get your hands on one of these. Choose from a wide range of games such as Need for Speed Most Wanted, for the football-crazy, FIFA 2010 is available on PSP as well! Never feel bored during short or long flights any more, simply turn your console on, and indulge in the gaming satisfaction that it offers until you reach your target! And with added-on-devices, your PSP could also function as a digital cam, GPS-navigator, media player, translator and even an internet browser!

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