The Windows Phone 7 Series – Will It Sink Or Swim?

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Windows 7 Series (Microsoft)
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It has taken 3 years of Apple dominating the mobile phone market with the iPhone, for Microsoft to step up and really show the world it can be a powerhouse in the phone market, when it comes to software there is absolutely no doubt who is the best in the business. Are they going to give Apple and the iPhone a run for its money? Let’s have a look.

I have been looking at the unveiling of the Microsoft’s ‘Windows Phone 7 Series’ and what I can safely say is that the operating system looks awesome. The Interface for the phone is known as ‘Metro’ has completely been revised and redesigned, but Microsoft have not stopped there with making changes to the phone. The home screen has been worked into a tile system, with side scrolling and key features. A brand new idea for the Windows mobile platform, the six devised sections gather related content from the web, such as applications, programs and services, to help simplify everyday tasks. What Microsoft has told the manufacturers is that their minimum requirement in regards to features and changes to Operating system are not allowed thus give them more control over the phones.

What I miss with my iPhone is the non-existent compatibility with Microsoft Office programs, which is going to give them a huge advantage with the busy business people who can’t get to their offices. In regards to the browser, it’s not going to be Firefox or Safari, but I feel it’s going to work just as well without those two browsers. A completely new browser, based on Internet Explorer has been promised. Opera have shown the power of third-party browsers with 50 million active users – expect Microsoft to be taking notes.

If there’s one thing for sure, Microsoft will either include support for their own development platform Silverlight, or allow Adobe to get their Flash Lite in on the mobile multimedia case , So while Apple still do not get flash on their phones, Microsoft are going to gain a big advantage.

What is going to be interesting is the battle for being the first manufacturer to have Microsoft windows phone 7 series because whoever does get that responsibility will be carrying a huge weight and there will be no room for them to fail.

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  • Rahul Vaghela

    LG are to release the first W7 mobile before the Christmas holidays (US).

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