The iPhone 4G – Is This It?

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Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 4G in June and I myself cannot wait to see what new features are to come with this device. I have had the iPhone 3GS since November, now I do not see a different phone apart from the Apple iPhone range in my possession. I have been looking at the rumour mill that is the internet, about what the iPhone 4G will have in regards to features, what’s new and what is the same.

Here are my findings:

First thing that caught my eye and is my only real complaint about the iPhone 3GS, is the battery life, but the iPhone 4G has a 19% bigger battery. I know it’s not loads bigger but any bigger battery would have created problems with the design and I am sure they did want to get away too much from the original design.

A front facing camera to go with the new feature of video conferencing, I am sure this will boost the sales in the business world. There are already some reports of companies moving to the iPhone for their mobile communication needs. A better camera on the back of the phone which I am sure will go down a treat with some consumers but I was quite impressed with the quality of the camera on the iPhone 3GS, even if there was no flash, plus there’s no sign of a flash on the 4G either.

Rumour has it that Apple is actually trying to make the next iPhone even cheaper to manufacture. We still hope it gets a design upgrade, but from the pictures, it does look a lot sleeker and trimmer. The iPhone is set to, with Apple’s acquisition of PA Semiconductor, start designing and churning out its own CPUs. The iPad’s A4 runs at 1GHz and we expect Apple will offer something with similar speeds and features for the iPhone 4G.

It’s highly likely that the iPhone 4G will come with more memory for the same amount of money. If the past is any indication, a 64GB iPhone should run for approximately $299 (with contract) and the 32GB version will be $199. Whether Apple will offer an 8GB or 16GB model at $99 remains to be seen. Also, the entry-level model might become an 8GB or 16GB iPhone 3GS

There are so many non-realistic rumours on the internet and I am sure they won’t be making too many changes but we can dream. What would you love to see on the 4G? Or maybe there is something you want to taken away? Let us know.

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