Tablet War Begins – iPad Alternatives

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Sony Dash Viewer
Photo by Sony

Having had a look at the iPad, are you thinking whether 2010 is going to be remembered for the tablet? Well if you cannot wait for the iPad or you’re just not excited as others, then here are the tablet alternatives. By the way, to answer my own question, you better get used to the words iPad and Tablets because you are not going to hear anything else in the near future.

Sony Dash Viewer

Sony decided to get on the tablet merry go round with this seven-inch touch screen Wi-Fi “Personal Internet Viewer”, which runs the Linux-based Chumby OS. Users will be able to access the 1,000+ free Chumby Apps for news, weather, photos etc, and it also has a photo frame. From the pictures of the product it looks like a mini TV and I could not believe when I read this will not be portable, as there is no built in battery. Sony, I am sorry to say have messed up big time.

Dell Android Slate

Dell has gone with a smaller slate running the Android system. The one that was unveiled in January 2010 has a 5 inch screen but different sizes are planned for release as well. Not sure this will be an alternative to the iPad because of the fact it looks more like an iPhone than something to read books and browse the internet on.

HP Slate PC

A joint venture bringing together HP and Microsoft, the HP Slate will be running the mouth watering Windows 7. Now I don’t know if the HP has the means to run head to head against Apple with this, but after looking at some features for the HP Slate they will give it a damn good go. HP slate has got Adobe Flash support, which Apple and iPad miss out on again, after not having it on the iPhone. You can use any internet browser on the HP Slate and not just limited to Safari, like you are with the iPad.

You might not have heard anything about these products because Apple have been making all the noises about the iPad, but I am sure with so much choice available to the consumers in the tablet devices range it is all going to come down to price. So let the price wars begin. I am not sure who is going to win but it is going to be interesting.

Which one would you buy?

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