Sky 3D – Sky Is Buying 15,000 Money Makers!

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Sky is getting ready to go ‘all out’ with their 3D technology; they are going to provide 15,000 LG 3D sets for public use in public venues. What Sky knows is that our pubs and bars have found the recession the hardest with more and more pubs closing by the week, there are not going to be able to fork out lots of cash on new sets for their venues, so is sky doing them a favour? Or is there a hidden catch? I guess we will wait and see.

I remember since I was a kid 3D technology has been waiting to make some sort of impression on us, but has never actually got further then a few films. Since the success of Avatar and the obvious success of the first ever live premier league football match between Arsenal and Manchester United in 3D, it has encouraged Sky to acquire 15,000 sets, 3D is going to kick on, but you still have to wear some stupid glasses.

The best thing Sky did with 3D technology is not make everyone buy new boxes. If you have a SKY HD box, you do not have to upgrade to get 3D when it is unveiled in the Public venues in April and for the rest of us by the end of the year. The HD boxes are 3D ready, but you need a 3D television to watch it on so it is a bit of good news and bad news.  The Sky HD box is now free to upgrade (was £30).

Sky do not normally mess around when it comes to releasing new products, so I am sure there will be a big advertising drive, and the growth of installations of the HD boxes is sure to make this success.

What do you think of 3D technology? I am still quite split and not sure if I like it or love it just yet, but I cannot wait to see my first live football match in 3D, will let you know when it happens.

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