Should TV Replays Be Used In Football?

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In my opinion they should definitely start to be used but the problem will be what they are used for. Should it just be for decisions to decide if a goal should be allowed or not, which would have helped England and Mexico, but the problem would be if it started to be used just for deciding goals people will also want it to be used for other decisions; diving, offside, bookings, sending offs etc.

To be honest I do not think anything will change due to the president of FIFA, Blatter is the main reason nothing has been used in the past to help in deciding if a goal should be given or not. The only reason he has apologised now and said it will be discussed in the future is that he knows everybody is slating him off for not having it. He has said it will be discussed at the next FIFA meeting but I cannot see anything changing as he is just like a slimy politician saying what people want to hear but in the end nothing changes. We will only get change when he leaves FIFA.

To be honest it would not be that hard to get goal line technology to help referees to decide if a goal should be given or not and it would not even slow down the play much. So I do not see why Football refuses to use technology when it is used in so many other sports like: cricket, rugby and tennis. I think the sooner it starts to be used the better, also it should be used after games to get rid of cheats and all the divers as well as for any x-rated tackles the referee may have missed during the game, if players know they are likely to be punished for cheating and be caught out it might stop them doing it.

What do you think – Should video replays be used in Football?

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