Microsoft Kin – Is It Something Special?

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Microsoft unveils new line of smart phones in San Francisco
Courtesy of Reuters

Just browsing the net and came across the newly unveiled Microsoft Kin mobile phone range. The newly developed phones will be rival for Apple and Google’s smart phones and will try to take some of the mobile phone market from them, the only problem with that is that Microsoft have always been involved in the mobile phone market in some way and there has never been any obvious success.

I did notice from the pictures and videos on the internet that they seem to want to be targeting the social media, for e.g. Facebook and Twitter. I think like a lot of companies have found it really hard to compete with Apple and Google in the smart phone field and I do not think Microsoft are going to have much luck either with the Kin range.

The phones themselves do have a good look about it, sleek and stylish with a good sized screen and hidden keyboard. The Kin 1 seems to look like it will fit directly in the palm and quite easy to use, and The Kin 2 has a slightly more rectangle look to it with a bigger screen to the Kin 1.

The phone will come with their own operating system, Windows Phone 7 system. Read my previous blog on Windows Phone 7

I don’t think Microsoft will have any success with this phone; they cannot just rely on just the look of the phone. I read they have not included a memory card slot to extend the memory of the phone; instead you have to upload to a Kin online service. To me this is failure to realise that consumers do not have the time to upload every video and picture to a service that might go down at anytime. It has happened before and will do so in the future.

The Kin is expected to be released in the US in early May and the Rest of Europe in the autumn, but if I was Apple or Blackberry executives, I would not be expecting big things to change in the Smartphone market.

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