Is Internet Browsing About To Cost Us All?

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I was in shock today, the days of browsing sites for free are numbered with the outrageous news that News International are going to charge £2 a Week  for browsing The Times & The Sunday Times newspaper website. We all know how The Times is high a quality broadsheet like The Telegraph, Independent and Guardian and if you buy these papers daily, you would spend well over £2 a week, so it is not the charge of £1 daily or £2 weekly that’s the problem.

There is slowly but surely be coming to the day when we will have to pay for any site we visit or browse because of this news, it will not take too long for other sites to follow suit and start charging us to view their content. There have been rumours all over the internet that Facebook and YouTube are looking to start charging as well and Rupert Murdoch who owns News International which also have possession of The Sun and News of the World will I am sure follow suit.

I just feel there is nothing left free in this world or online and all these executives in the big companies will do anything to make money from us, but what can we do to stop these things? If it’s not big corporation executives taking our money then it’s the government, but we will have to do something or this will never stop, maybe we should try and boycott some of these organisations and hurt them with loss of profits.

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