iPhone Tariffs – Are They Really Worth It?

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‘Jeez’ do I need minutes galore and unlimited texts or am I just going crazy? When I go on a new contract, I choose one where I know (or hope) I won’t be paying more than my line rental. Every month I believe that will be the case but I never achieve that unless I’m on holiday for a week or two abroad, where I wouldn’t dare to use my phone.

As I was paying £45 per month on my line rental, upgrading to an iPhone was free as long as I went on the 24 months contract – I couldn’t resist it. I had 1200 minutes and 500 texts in the deal, which could not be negotiated at all. But all I could see at the time was the iPhone spinning in my eyes so deal was done.

It wasn’t long before my minutes were going over my free allowance. Soon after, I was also going over my 500 texts. So came in another bundle of 500 texts costing me a further £7.50 to my monthly costs. This way I thought I could relax with the phone calls and text more instead to my family and friends.

Well it wasn’t long before I went over my 1000 texts limit, normally my bills come to around £100 but this month it was a whopping £160.83 which I clearly remember for some reason. Action had to be taken.

I went on to the O2 website as I heard O2 had released new iphone tariffs and I was straight to the phone with O2 changing my tariff. There are a few good ones to choose from but there was one that I believe will change my life for good. I am now proud to say, I will be only be paying £60 for my monthly line rental and my whole bill as all minutes and texts to any UK landline and mobile number are simply ‘unlimited’.

£60 a month might sound crazy to some people but to me it sounds cheap if you compare this to my recent bills. Give me a month and I will let you know whether my bill goes over £60 or not.

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  • Oh excellent, got my bill since the tariff change.

    And the change actually worked, with a bill of £63 I saved hell of a lot. As long as I don’t get carried away with picture messaging, I should be just fine.