iPad – Just A Big iPhone?

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Apple has finally revealed it’s much anticipated new gadget, the ‘iPad’. It is being touted as the ‘third category device’, the other two being a Laptop and a Smartphone. Apple already has a huge percentage of the phone market with the iPhone, but this is going to take the devices to a new level for internet browsing, emailing and the newest feature e-books.

I am not going to able to review this at the moment but my only gripe with Apple is that I do not see a need for this in the current marketplace. I am only a consumer; it seems by building up the hype as they have done today by just showing a sneak preview of what the iPad can do, every gadget geek will want one. $499 (depending on storage) to do the similar things my laptop can do, okay, maybe it does not have the sleek look of the iPad or the cool virtual keypad, which they say is a dream to use, but My iPhone does have the same features. So is it just another money making scheme or will they kill off the Notebooks and E-books for good? To me it looks just like a giant iPhone. One feature I do like the sound of, is being able to download books directly to the device from the new iBook store. This could be the downfall of book shops and internet books stores like Amazon.

I do think there are some aspects that will appeal to consumers, but is there a big enough gap in the market to be plugged by another device, I am not so sure.

I am no expert on gadgets; I was not there in San Francisco where Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the latest creation so I have only read the news reports on the internet. It is going to take a lot for the Apple CEO to take my laptop away from me or convince me that I need this gadget. However, at least it is not going to cost $1000 as many experts had predicted in the build up to the unveiling.

Here at Tara Magazine, We hope to get our hands on the iPad, when it is released and bring you an in depth review of this gadget.

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