IPad Arrives! Will They Come And Go?

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Apple iPad
Photos courtesy of Apple

Well ladies and gentlemen, the iPad has landed in the U.S, and from what I have read it is going down a storm with the public. The ‘tablet’ has sold over 300,000 units on release which as predicted by many will bring the big bucks for Apple, but as when the first model of the iPhone was released there are some problems with them.

So as Apple get ready to do a massive recall, should they have not sorted these issues before. We heard from Steve Jobs in January, that iPad is going to change the way we browse the internet and use media forever, but as always the problems are there and how will Apple sort it? Well if you have not guessed how Apple work by now, they will release a new model soon enough to make us pay more money for something that should have been tested correctly in the first place.

iPad Gaming
driving games enhanced by it’s tilt/ multi-touch controls…

I just find companies like Apple always know how to slap us right in the face, but we are stupid enough to buy them soon as they are released then I guess it is our fault. My advice to anyone waiting for the 26th April 2010 (rumoured) UK release date is to hang on a little long for the 3G version, because I do not see Apple sorting these problems overnight and will save you hell of a lot of money and headache.

I have an iPhone and will be sticking with that for my needs because as I have said before, the iPad will not replace my laptop. I might have considered it if it has flash support but as the Apple just will not support Adobe; they will be not getting my money.

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  • Akeem Gohil

    Personnaly I think the ipad is to over rated! Just a bigger version of the iphone but with a few more features. Who is really going to carry it around with them? People are still being brainwashed and buying them though! Someone in the U.K Paid around £2700 for one from ebay just so he could have it a month before it came out. More money then sense I recon.

  • Sunny

    Akeem, I totally agree with your comment regarding the ipad. It show how we are all taken for a ride by companies like apple. The problems is the public will go out and buy, giving more incentives to apple to carry on!

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