Has The Internet Killed The Music Industry?

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There is no doubt that in the 21st century music has come on leaps and bounds, but I have had the feeling that internet has taken the edge off the music industry. The internet has had such a big effect on the marketing and sales of music; whether it is a good or bad thing could be debated.

The time has gone of you going to a local town centre to buy a single compact disc. The idea of a Music Company forcing albums upon us like they used to despite most songs on the albums being terrible. Music companies have now changed the stance because the consumers have changed their buying habits but they still feel the internet have ruined their business.

Only recently have YouTube been able to show music videos. In March 2009 YouTube was forced to delete thousands of videos because of licensing laws, only in September 2009 was an agreement finally reached. The agreement consists of paying out royalties to composers, publishers and songwriters, a lump sum of money.

The introduction of the MP3 has given people the chance to pick and choose which songs they want, no longer do they have to buy full albums just for one song or if you don’t like a particular song, you just delete or not transfer.

Don’t expect albums to disappear any time soon, as they are still the basis for most recording contracts. But given time, and the capacity of the record companies to catch up with the surfacing of the new technology, albums will die a peaceful death to be born again in the form of downloadable bite size chunks.

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