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Having watched football all my life, I have noticed the call for football technology has increased in recent times. Some high profile incorrect decisions have added fuel to the fire.

I think I have heard every manager involved in football call FIFA to get with the times and with the likes of rugby, cricket and tennis. Rugby has been using video technology in the sport since 1996; it has benefited the sport without question. Having watched some major decisions used with video playback, I personally think it adds the theatre and entertainment that sport is. Waiting for an official to come back with the ‘correct decision’

In tennis, the ‘Challenge’ rule is where players can challenge as many line calls as they see fit, up to a maximum of three incorrect appeals per set. If technology is brought into football, then I think the challenge system would work because it would stop calls for say a throw in being asked by managers to be checked by video. The managers would have to be tactically aware of when to use the challenge and not waste them. There is a counter argument for the challenge rule, it they only get three; managers will want 5 or 10 challenges, which will completely kill the sport in my opinion.

Surely anything that will lead to fair decisions, help the decision-makers, and stop doubts and controversy has to be a good thing? Nope, that is not what FIFA think. FIFA think that no matter where you play football or soccer it should be the same. Playing on the park for a Sunday league team or a Manchester United Game at Old Trafford, the same rules and theory’s apply. If Iā€™m not mistaken, are Sunday league footballer’s professionals, do they get paid thousands of pounds in salary a week, do they get thousands and thousands of fans travelling around the country to support there team and is there not millions of Pounds, Euros & Dollars at stake when ever a decision is made. Sorry FIFA, but that is just not a good enough reason.

The only reason I would not have the use of video referring, is because Football – the beautiful game – has a natural feel and flow, the speed and end to end nature of the game should have as little interference as possible. Referees and linesmen are human and therefore cannot be flawless but if there is agreement that we accept their decisions, right or wrong then we can maintain the heart of the game. Its not all about winning otherwise fans would not support those teams that have not enjoyed success for decades.

This debate will rumble on for years and years to come. As long as FIFA are the governing body of the sport it will not change.

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