Facebook Acknowledge Mistakes

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It was good to read that the bosses of Facebook have decided to look at the ‘privacy policies’ of the site to make it a better place for everyone. As a parent and user of Facebook there is not enough done to stop the wrong people using the site and protecting my personal information, these privacy issues should have been sorted from day one.

I read quotes from CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in which he states “that they are listening to feedback and narrowing down the key things they need to change”, is this enough to protect our children? I am not so sure.

I know it is not just Facebook who have issues regarding privacy issues but they are the biggest social networking site on the web, they need to take more responsibilities for what happens on the site and who can join their site. It is not just who is on the site but what they could do with your pictures, all it takes is your picture ending up in the wrong hands and could cause no end of problems for you.

I am glad they have acknowledged the mistakes they have made but I as a parent need to know that when my child does get older and starts using Facebook or whatever social media site is ‘cool’, I know she will be protected and be able to stop prying eyes on your personal information.

What do you think about Facebook? Are they doing enough to protect us all?

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