Do We Rely On Technology Too Much?

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We all have our favourite gadgets? Some we use more than others and some we could not ever live without. We must all be thankful to the comfort that technology has bought to our lives. There are a number of items of technology that I could never live without in my life, such as a mobile phone, computer or internet. Are we over reliant on modern technology? I can remember being at school 11 years ago and I do not even remember seeing a mobile phone. So what changed?

Let’s go back to the 1990’s; the time of the Football Premier league being born, Nintendo bringing out the Nintendo Entertain System and the idea of playing games on cartridges, then in later years of the 90’s was the introduction of Microsoft and Dial Up. Kids of the 21st century must think how did people get around without a sat nav or live without texting friends, but the plain and simple truth is we did. I am not saying that the progression in technology has not changed the world for the better; let’s take the example of if you were driving on an unknown road, then suddenly you break down, your battery is dead on your phone. What would you do? Remember before mobile phones this situation would not have been uncommon, but do we even give it a second thought these days, I know I don’t and I hope I never am in those circumstances.

What does this mean for our kids or society in general? It means children will struggle to do basic maths without calculators or computers to work it out for them, and that’s not even talking about the internet. There is a lot of awful stuff about the web – adult content, viruses, spam, fraud, identity theft – but its payback is far superior. While the web is above all, an information reserve, its true influence lies in that it connects people in ways we’ve never seen before. What I have realised is that it all comes down to having stability, remember technology is man-made and anything artificial can fail.

I guess people will say that technology is the way forward and we are moving with the times and I agree that it is probably the case but there should be some sort of balance. I mean I could be called a hypocrite for using my car, computers and everything else involved but what I can do sometimes is just get away by switching off my phone, reading a book or going for a walk.

In my opinion, everyone should switch off from technology now and again, what is your way to unwind from the stresses and strains of everyday gadgets and technology?

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  • Jimmy nguyen

    It’s “What” at the end of the 1st paragraph

    • Tara Magazine Editorial

      Thank you, we have corrected it.

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