You Are What You Eat…

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I have been trying to eat healthily for the last 5 years. One of my vices is sugary foods. I have had a sweet tooth all my life, but when you put weight on you realise that it’s not good for you at all. If you do not limit your intake of sugary foods, it could lead to Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

People tend to forget that a lot of elements of food are absorbed by the body and turned into fat. This can be the same problem for carbohydrates, if consumed in massive quantities. As I am Asian, I tend to eat a lot of Chapattis as my main meal. This does not help with trying to be healthy or losing weight it is like eating lots of bread which has a lot of calories and would take a lot of exercise to burn off.

I still believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to have a ‘You cannot eat anything you love’ chapter in ones healthy lifestyle. You have to learn to control your intake and limit your portions. Eating more regularly and smaller meals increase your metabolism and will overall make you feel healthy. I find the hardest part for me is the late night eating, in my household we tend to eat around 9pm, which I find very late and means going to be bed on full stomach. The complication of this can be a poor sleep and general unhappiness.

Eating healthy is about lifestyle, not just what you eat but how much sleep you have and how much exercise we do. Eating healthy is not always just to lose weight but you should do it for a brighter and healthy future.

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