The Power Of A Protein Diet In Your Life

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Although protein is mainly associated with bodybuilding and growing large amounts of muscle, it’s important to ensure that you’re eating enough of it, especially if you work out or do a lot of exercise. Regardless of whether you want to build muscle, not eating enough protein while on a strict fitness plan can have implications on your health. Consuming the right amount for your body weight will ensure that you achieve the results you want, without harming your body, or looking like Popeye!

A rich protein food diet can support and aid the work you’re doing in the gym or out running, as well as providing the body with the correct nutrients associated with muscle growth and recovery. On average, men and women should consume 0.8 – 1g of protein per 1kg of body weight every day, in order to hit the right quotas. However, if you’re working out heavily every day, consider upping this to 1 – 1.5g per 1kg, to ensure your body is getting enough.


The Best Protein Sources

It’s extremely unlikely that you’re not already eating foods chocked full of protein: if you weren’t, your body would definitely be telling you otherwise! Meat is one of the best sources of protein, but be careful what cuts you choose. Opt for lean beef, and white meats like chicken and turkey, to reduce your intake of fats, and maximise the amount of protein. Although it may take a while to get used to, liver is another great meaty treat to get stuck into if you’re looking to boost your protein intake.

Dairy products, like milk, natural yoghurt and cheese, are also a good way to consume protein. Meat and dairy products contain amino acids that the body can’t create itself, emphasising why they are such an important part of a person’s diet.

Fish meat is also another brilliant source of protein. Salmon, tuna and cod are filled with essential amino acids and Omega-3, and are versatile enough to incorporate into a wide variety of recipes, throughout the day.


Getting Enough Protein

It may seem like a struggle to get enough protein into your diet naturally, without having large meat-filled platters every night! However, there are many other ways to ensure your protein intake is substantial, without spending all of your time eating chicken.

Small, lighter dishes, such as scrambled eggs and omelettes, are perfect for a protein boost. Eggs are high in protein, and if you only use egg whites, they contain no fat. Eggs are easy to incorporate into meals at any time of the day: try eggs on breakfast muffins, or mixing egg whites into oatmeal first thing in the morning.

Other alternatives include protein shakes and powdered foods. Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to ensure your protein levels are correct, without having to eat a large meal, or worry about dividing up grams of food! They come with easy to follow instructions, a variety of flavours, and are perfect for drinking after a work-out session – unlike trying to eat a load of meat after an hour at the gym!

Incorporating protein into your diet is simple and effective. It won’t make you bulk up overnight, but if you eat it correctly, it will ensure that your muscles are healthy, your metabolism is fast, and your body is receiving the right nutrients.

Author Bio: Anderson Lele writes on a variety of specialist and niche subjects such as food and health. This article referencing protein food diet has been well received and been referenced many times. He consistently researches news, views and innovation in his specialised field and presents his findings and thoughts with clarity and foresight.

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