The Handmade Burger Company

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The Handmade Burger Company

Highcross, Leicester

With our need to eat somewhere prior to my trip to the cinema with some friends, we thought it ideal to try out the nearby restaurant which specialises in, as you guessed it, burgers. We thought we would give The Handmade Burger Company a try, as none of us had eaten there before.

So here’s how I summed up my visit to The Handmade Burger Company at the Highcross, Leicester:


As I’ve already mentioned above, the speciality here is Burgers. Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Fish and Vegetarian Burgers are on offer here as well as Salads and Side Dishes. On any other occasion I would have opted for one of the Chicken Burgers, but this time I thought a change was needed, so opted for the Moroccan Lamb Burger and Grilled Chicken Breast Skewers.

Grilled Chicken Breast Skewers

Moroccan Lamb Burger

The Moroccan Lamb Burger is something I never want to try again, ever! The Moroccan relish that accompanies the Lamb Burger was way too sweet, and just didn’t taste right with the Lamb. I didn’t even finish the burger because the relish was too strong a flavour. The Grilled Chicken Breast Skewers should have been Grilled, not charcoaled, and considering it should have just come off the grill, the Chicken was warm, rather than piping hot.


I can’t help but think that they caught this concept from Nando’s, as The Handmade Burger Company pretty much use the same principle. Basically, you go to the counter to order your food, the member of staff will hand you a number, you go back to your table, and wait for your food to arrive. Nice and easy. One of the main reasons we chose this place was that we new that we wouldn’t have to wait forever for our food, I mean we didn’t want to miss our movie after all.

Restaurant/ Atmosphere

We found it quite strange that for a Friday night, it was quite empty in there. Maybe people just aren’t that much into burgers. However, as we waited for our food, it was starting to pick up more as more and more diners entered. The restaurant itself is modern and spacious, and also includes outdoor seating area, would be good on a hot summer day.


The cost of my Lamb Burger and Chicken Skewers came to £11.10, and that doesn’t even include Chips. So as you can imagine I find this to be a major negative that I have to pay over £7 for the burger itself and that for a burger which is no larger than your standard burgers you can get from say McDonalds etc so by the end of it all I wasn’t all too pleased really.

Would I Visit Again?

Well let’s just say I won’t be rushing back to The Handmade Burger Company anytime soon. Yes the service was great and the restaurant looks good, but there’s nothing special about the Burgers on offer. All the Burgers are pretty much the same, the only difference being that all of them come with different sauces or relishes. Even my friends found the Burgers to be “average” at best. Plus, it really isn’t value for money when you’re paying £10 for a Burger and Chips. So, on a final note it could be a long long time before I visit here again.

The Handmade Burger Company

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