Scrumptious London Restaurant Items

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Ella's Bakehouse
Image courtesy of Flickr

Taste is everything. Okay, it is not everything but it can be an important matter, especially when it comes to eating out at restaurants. Many times people will forgo presentation and prettiness for meals they know will tickle their taste buds. But what kind of meal does that entail?

Everyone does have their own tastes, which is why you can end up with a restaurant one person despises and yet another gushes non-stop about it. Regardless of the restaurant, there are particular foods that appease to people’s senses more than others.


It would be impossible to discuss tasty food in London without bringing up the teas you will find. The problem is: which tea? There are just about as many tea flavors as there are people in the big city. This is only further amplified when you discover each person has their own favorites with tea, or a particular time of the day that certain teas are appropriate for. Do you want a Jasmine tea? Or maybe Earl Grey is better for you at afternoon tea time?

The Tea House
Image courtesy of The Tea House

No matter what your flavor, style, and choice the fact is you tend to drink tea because you care about taste. And that is where The Tea House comes in. They do not just provide a single spectacular tea; they freshly combine ingredients into a tea for you, letting you choose from more than even the average tea shop has. This way, everyone’s tastes are covered. And really, when it comes to tea, what is better than getting to choose your own flavor and getting it fresh to be made how you want it?


Not everyone does have a sweet tooth, but that does not mean a good cake or pastries cannot be enjoyed. Sure there are sweet and fattening treats like strawberry cupcakes, but there are also tart ones with custard in them, or chocolate cakes that offer a smidge of sweet and yet also bitter textures.

Ella's Bakehouse Cake
Image courtesy of The Cupcake Bakehouse

The point is, there is always a baked food to be had, and if you are a fan of cupcakes then you really will not find one better than Ella’s Bakehouse, which offers scrumptious cupcakes like the one pictured above. They of course have a variety of other baked goods, such as cakes, but they excel with cupcakes and even if you do not particularly love them, you can find one in the variety and flavour that will manage to put a smile on your face.


Who doesn’t love a hot, meaty and juicy pie? They work for desserts, meals, and even a simple snack. And the variety alone in meats and tastes is simply marvelous. But I am not here to simply go on about how shepherd’s pie is the most amazing thing ever. Instead I want to look into a possibly less known type of pie called scotch eggs. Well, they are more of a reinvention of the normal British pies, with eggs, mince and bread all combined into more of a roll form. Many people would probably not call them pies but when you take the bare ingredients and the way they are arranged they fit the category just as much.

Eat My Pies
Image courtesy of Eat My Pies

But even if you aren’t into scotch eggs, there are still plenty of wonderful pies with Eat My Pies which include handheld pies! You’ll also find plenty of pastries and other treats that are not pies, but you simply cannot leave this little market without having some version of their re-invented British foods.

None of these manage to catch your fancy? That is fine too. Everyone does have their tastes, and there are plenty of other foods out there like bangers and mash or just mash by itself, like at Mother Mash, if you want an interesting twist to an iconic meal.

The foods and tastes and menus are endless; so get out there and savour your meal.


Jessie Henton is an avid blogger and foodie, enjoying all manner of cuisines with a particular fondness for Italian and Japanese food. She currently writes about London restaurants and the kinds of food found in Britain as a whole.

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