Restaurant Review: Haveli, Jalandhar

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Punjab is always a place, which offers several kinds of memory to remember. In this north Indian state, there are lots of things to enjoy. Culture, heritage, cuisine, language and lots of other things of the state are beyond the expectations.

I am always eager to explore new things about Punjab. The place, which I like the most, is Haveli. It’s basically a theme based restaurant, which is located in Jalandhar- Phagwara highway. The place shows the rich culture of its state. At the entrance of the place, I was welcomed by gate keepers, who were in traditional Punjabi attires. When I entered the restaurant, I started believing that why my friends were praising the place. There are all the colors of Punjab and its heritage.


Everything was placed in a proper format. Before ordering for food, I decided to take a walk through the entire section. It is such a big place. Every section of Haveli, is filled with essence and beauty of Punjabi culture. The statues of Punjabi guys and girls are really amazing. They have worn traditional attires of Punjab. It was like a model of Punjab. There were lots of other things, which are marvelously placed in the various departments of the restaurant.


Comes to the food of the restaurant! The foodstuffs made me realize that why it is called a rich Punjabi Dhaba. There were numerous dishes in the menu. One more thing, I loved the way menu is designed. Haveli special is a special item in the menu, which have all the popular dishes of Punjab. At the very first glance, the food was looking very delicious and no surprise, it was utterly flavorsome. The service was excellent as the waiter took the order and presented the dish very soon. The amazing thing was that even the stewards and waiters were in Punjabi traditional attires.


The thing that I must want to mention is that did not let me down. There is much of variety on Indian and Punjabi cuisine. So if you are looking to eat the traditional food, then the restaurant is a perfect spot for you. There is not a single thing that can be highlighted as the negative side of the restaurant. After a great food and time, I will give full marks to the restaurant.

At the end, I must say that Haveli has made my journey to real Punjab successful and enriched it with its unforgettable beauty.

Rich heritage of Punjabi food culture Haveli, Jalandhar. Get more updates about the Haveli @Facebook.

Images: Haveli, Jalandhar.

Author Bio: Rajni Verma is a writer and Head of Media and Communication Department for Haveli Restaurants, Punjab.

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