Restaurant Review: Windmill Pub in Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Windmill Inn, Stratford-Upon_Avon
Image by an American friend of mine: Ariel

Much in the same vein as Shakespeare, I have rather enjoyed my multiple trips to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Whether it is for the food, shopping (Shoes!) or the sights, there is always something wonderful to find in this town, and in most cases that wonderful thing is quite historic or old as well.

That does not mean it is a terrible thing. In fact, with many of the restaurants being old, it lends itself to having developed some savoury tastes and grown to produce consistently scrumptious suppers. And the place that has become my favourite is: the Windmill Inn (Sometimes called the Windmill Pub). I have come back to this place on each of my six visits to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and I would still go at least once with any of my future excursions.

Why is that? Well, just take a look at this:

Windmill Pub Food
Image by an American friend of mine: Ariel

Yes, bacon.Despite how generally unhealthy bacon tends to be, I cannot resist having it at this restaurant. It is perfectly crisped at the edges while still having that savoury and mouth-watering center, and that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to The Windmill.

The pints should not surprise you to be considerably worth it, when you do realise it is a pub that has been standing since the sixteenth century. Windmill is certainly in my top three when it comes to a good pub or pint. Even many of my friends have agreed that if you do not care for the supper (Which a few did not), there is certainly a drink on their menu that is worth the time. This is mainly due to their local ale selections, which you are not going to find anywhere else!

Additionally, the desserts are simply not something I can pass on mentioning. Everyone I know and dragged along with me to this pub has enjoyed a taste of the Bramley Apple Tarte Tatin. I certainly had to make sure to work off the calories from all that ice cream, but it was absolutely worth the explosion of sweet tastes combined together.

The wait staff should not be thrown away either for I have not yet run across a single issue with any of them. I am sure this is not the case for everyone, but the servers have always been sweet and perfect with providing choices or even helping with our decisions on which meals we would like to try. One of them had been the first to recommend the Bramley Apple Tarte Tatin to me, and we all know where that went.

Finally, the pub will actually provide discounts to people that have tickets to a show at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. I never would have discovered this, if we had not been talking about the theatre while we were there.

Altogether this is certainly the kind of place I always recommend to people that are heading to Shakespeare’s home town. You will not regret it, well except if you do not watch out for the low beams and knock your head on one, then you might regret that.

Just remember: do not forget to try the dessert!

Jessie Henton is an avid blogger and foodie, enjoying all manner of cuisines with a particular fondness for Italian and Japanese food. She currently writes about London restaurants.

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