Restaurant Review: TGI Fridays

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TGI Friday
Courtesy of Facebook/TGIFridays

If you are hungry and fancy something which is going to fill you up, you cannot go wrong with a meal from TGI Fridays as the portions are nice and big, and very filling though some items are on the pricey side.

Last time I went I was starving so I chose the Jack Daniel’s American Grill and it kept me full for the rest of day. It was extremely tasty and would definitely have it again if wanted something to really fill me up for a long day. The reason it was so filling was that it included a steak, shrimps and a chicken breast with fries, vegetables and just three onion rings. The reason I say three is that when on the menu it says you are going to get onion rings you kind of think that means more than three but that was all I got. I was kind of disappointed with that but did not bother moaning about it as the plate was huge and plenty to eat.

My favourite item had the be the shrimp as I found it really tasty and when you dip it in the Jack Daniel sauce it tastes even better. I do not normally eat sea food that often but the shrimps are gorgeous and I could eat them again and again.

TGI's American Grill
The American Grill courtesy of TGI FRidays

The good thing about TGI’s is that it is not just a nice place to eat but a nice place to have a drink especially if you like your cocktails. They do have a big cocktail list and I am sure you would find something you like on there. When I looked at the cocktail menu there are so many that sound good it is hard to decide which one to have. But I would have to go for the Long Island Iced tea or a different Iced Tea. The reason I like the Iced Teas are that they tend to be the stronger cocktails and most of the time you can not even taste it. Another good thing about them is that they do not give you them in those girly glasses or with an umbrella sticking out of it which does not suit me.

It is the kind of place if you have food and drink you can spend a couple of hours in there and it will just fly by as you will be having a good time enjoying yourself. I would definitely recommend it to people who have never been before and like there meat dishes.

If you have been what do you think of it?

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