Restaurant Review: Sharmilee, Leicester

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Pani Puri - A Tasty Indian Snack Food
Pani Puri – A very tasty Indian snack food. Images courtesy of R. Patel

Situated in the heart of Leicester’s famous Golden Mile, one would find it hard to miss this delightful vegetarian restaurant “Sharmilee”. Having been in business for over 4 decades Sharmilee still stands tall in the ever increasing dining out market.

Me and my wife decided to head out for a meal and since we live nearby to Belgrave Road, we decided to opt for Sharmilee. This was the wife’s choice as she is vegetarian, and me, well a non-veg. The restaurant is situated on the first floor above the sweet mart. It’s not the largest of places but it does feel cosy inside.

The place itself was reasonably busy, although we did manage to get a table and this being a Saturday night. In no time at all we were shown to our table, the waiters were definitely attentive as I really couldn’t decide on what to eat. Being Indian myself, I knew that most of those dishes would be nice, making the decision all the bit harder.

The drinks were in, so for starters we went for the Pani Puri (a very popular Indian street food snack) and the Dahi Puri.

Dahi Puri - A Very Tasty Snack Food
Dahi Puri – A tangy indian snack food, very tasty indeed!


Let me tell that my wife absolutely adores Pani Puri, so she can definitely tell the good ones from the bad ones, and on this occasion got the thumbs up from her. I personally went for the Dahi Puri and I absolutely loved it. I told my wife I could literally eat these every day. If I hadn’t gone for the Dahi Puri I would have gone for one from Pili Pili Tikka (spicy paneer starter), Bhel (another popular Indian street food snack), Mix Chaat or Dahi Vada (another favourite of mine).

The starters were big thumbs up from both of us.

Another plus point was that we didn’t have an overly long wait for our main dishes to arrive. My wife decided to go for the Paneer Tikka Masala with 2 Rotis, while I went for the Vegetable Koftas with 2 Bhaturas, we also ordered the Hyderabadi Biryani.

The food came in on time, great we thought, until a Paneer Tawa Masala came along with our Paneer Tikka Masala. At this point I had to let the waiter know that we hadn’t ordered the Paneer Tawa Masala, to which the waiter replied “you can have it on the house”, good news indeed!

Veg Kofta, Paneer Tawa Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala and Bhaturas
(from top left, clockwise) Vegetable Koftas, Paneer Tawa Masala, Bhaturas and Paneer Tikka Masala


Of the two Paneer dishes that came, my wife was fondest of the Paneer Tawa Masala whereas personally I liked the Paneer Tikka Masala although I only managed a few bites from this dish as I had my own Vegetable Koftas to get through.

My Vegetable Koftas (vegetable balls in a thick curry sauce) with Bhaturas was tasty indeed. Word of warning though, as a combination, these two dishes are very filling but it will not stop me from ordering these again in the future.

We barely had room for our Hyderabadi Biryani, although we managed a couple of spoonfuls which was nice indeed.


It had been a very long time since I last ate out at a vegetarian restaurant, and never realised that vegetarian food could be so filling, so filling that we had no room left for dessert. The waiters were nice enough to pack our Hyderabadi Biryani and Paneer Tikka Masala for us to take home. For a total bill of around £27, we both went home happy in the knowledge that we had a good dining experience.

Overall, it was a very good experience eating out at Sharmilee and for a non-veg guy like myself a good experience to try something different. I recommend everyone go try out this delightful Indian restaurant in the heart of Belgrave Road, Leicester.


Sharmilee Restaurant

71 – 73 Belgrave Road, Leicester, LE4 6AS

0116 2668471

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