Restaurant Review: Nando’s

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Nando's Sign
Images courtesy of Nando’s

There’s something about Nando’s that really takes my fancy, and it’s for two reasons it does so. Nando’s provides me with two of my favourite things – Chicken and Hot Sauce. There’s something about the Peri-Peri sauce that makes you want to go back for more.

So here’s how I’ve summed up my Nando’s experience at the Highcross Centre in Leicester:


I’m going to take a wild assumption here that most people know about the Nando’s food. Nando’s is renowned for its Peri-Peri Chicken, and add to that various hot sauces all on a different hotness level, and you have yourself a fantastic meal. Normally I opt for the Chicken Breast Fillet in a Pitta with a side dish of Chips, this time I decided on the Chicken Breast Wrap with Chips. Don’t worry they cater for the vegetarians out there too, so you won’t be overly disappointed.

Chicken Wrap and Salad


The service is as easy as 1-2-3. You get a designated numbered table. You go to the counter to order your food, and let them know how hot you want the chicken. I opted for the Extra Hot, and believe me it did not disappoint at all. Good thing the free re-fills are there as it can help in cooling you down after your fiery meal. Once you’ve ordered, on your way back to your table, pick up the cutlery and sauces, and wait for your food. Here’s the plus point, the food does come out very quick.

Restaurant/ Atmosphere

We decided to venture to the new Nando’s at the Leicester’s Highcross complex, and the restaurant itself is slightly larger than the one at Leicester Freemans. As you can imagine, being a weekend, it was very busy, so me and my friends had approximately a 20 minute wait to be seated. The place looked lively, and in my opinion they always do, no matter which Nando’s you visit. The restaurant itself is clean, modern, and spacious and a vibrant restaurant, it almost caters for the younger crowd.


The cost of my meal came to a whopping £9.70, for my Chicken Wrap, Chips and a Drink (free re-fills remember). So as you can imagine it’s easy on the bank account too. It’s a great place if you want a nice light meal before a night out that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, and with its central location it’s ideal.

Would I Visit Again?

Most definitely! So far of all the times I have been to Nando’s I have yet to be disappointed, and like I said above – I just love my Chicken and their Peri-Peri Sauces. All the boxes definitely get ticked at the Highcross Nando’s bar one box – parking. There’s no parking here, and you may have to park at the Highcross Car Park or spend time searching the side streets, but if driving to Nando’s is a major issue then I advise you go to the Freemans Common Nando’s, as the Nando’s experience is worth having.

I dare anyone to order their Chicken Extra Hot, and then to drown their Chips in Extra Hot sauce. There’ll be some fire in your belly, trust me.

Nando's Famous Peri Peri Sauces

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