Restaurant Review: Feast Of India, Leicester

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Feast Of India, Leicester
Photo by Harmesh Valley

Is it the best Indian buffet restaurant in Leicester? In my opinion it most likely is due to the big selection in food and variety of food. In saying that, I have only been to a couple of different Indian buffet restaurants in Leicester. As in general I find that the majority of buffet restaurants are not as good as normal restaurants where you can order what ever you want.

The main advantage of going to a buffet restaurant is that when you are hungry you do not have to waste time deciding what you want to eat and can just start stuffing your face straight away. Another benefit of going to a buffet is that if you go in a big group it is always less hassle at a buffet than a normal restaurant, as you all paid the same price for the food and is a lot quicker and less hassle. The main disadvantage is that if you are fussy in what you like to eat you cannot order your favourite meal.  For instance a friend of mine, who will remain nameless, (see article on Tiranga) always orders the same dish at every Indian restaurant he goes to and would not be able to do that at a buffet, what a shame.

The reason I like Feast of India is that when I have been there they have always had a wide choice of starters and mains to choose from, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Not that I really try the vegetarian food, but I have been told by others it is just as good. Though I do think the starters are much better then the mains at Feast and that the mains are nothing special. This has never been a problem for me as I always tend to fill myself up on the starters before I get to the mains anyway, so as long as they are ok I am happy.

When it comes to value for money I only think Feast is worth it if you have a big appetite. As when/if you start to drink with your food the bill can soon add up, especially if they are alcoholic beverages.  A plus point of Feast is that they do have a limited amount of car park spaces and their waiting/bar area is ok as well. The service is not too bad and they will take away any unwanted dishes in a timely fashion. What I do like about Feast is that even when it is busy it still feels quite spacious and the décor is clean and modern.

I would recommend Feast for those who have a big appetite, are going in groups and those who are always indecisive when choosing what they want to eat.

What do you think of Feat of India?

In your opinion what is the best Indian buffet restaurant in Leicester?

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