Recipe: Shortbread

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Photos by Rinkesh Patel

Ever since I was a child, my favourite biscuit/ cookie has always been the Shortbread. Even today, it still is one of my favourites. I felt I could eat shortbread all day long, although it’s not too good on the calorie count, but as most of you know when you get a taste for something, it rarely ever goes away. With the help of my gorgeous little niece, I decided to make some for her (for me really).

There truly isn’t a better smell in the kitchen than freshly baked biscuits and cookies, and you’ll certainly get that when you start cooking this quick and easy recipe.


225gms                 Butter

100gms                 Icing Sugar

225gms                 Plain Flour

100gms                 Corn Flour

Icing Sugar for Sprinkling


1 -        Take a large bowl and add butter.

2 -        Slowly add the icing sugar to butter, mixing it till you get to a smooth texture.

3 -        In a separate bowl, mix together the plain flour and the corn flour; stir till it’s evenly mixed in.

4 -        Gradually add the flour mix to the butter mix, stirring continuously until you get dough like consistency.

5 -        Spread the mixture in a baking tin/ tray evenly.

6 -        Bake in the oven at 145C/295F for 25-30 minutes. When done it should be golden brown and a little spongy feel  to it

7 -        Remove from the oven. Sprinkle icing sugar evenly across it. Cut into required shapes while it is hot.

Shortbread Slices
Mmmm nothing tastier than shortbread…

Remember, good food always comes when you enjoy making it, so have fun with this recipe and do let us know how they turned out for you

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