Perfect Dessert Infused With The Perfect Wine

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Gift: Red wine poached pear stuffed with ricotta cream by Renée S. Suen, on Flickr
Red wine poached pear stuffed with ricotta cream by Renée S. Suen, on Flickr

Wine infused desserts are almost always crowd pleasers. One of the trends is to have some variety of cupcake, usually a red velvet cake, topped with some variety of infused whipped topping. They are fun and can be as versatile as you wish. But what about those of us that think cupcakes are anything but the perfect dessert?

For starters, cupcakes are messy.  Along with that they lack a certain amount of elegance no matter how dressed up the toppings may be. For that reason I propose that perhaps the most elegant and classic recipe of a Red Wine Poached Pear to be the most perfect dessert that you can serve your guests.

Easily Made
If you’ve never had the chance to taste this particular wine infused dessert you will be happy to learn that you can easily make it yourself with just a few special kitchen utensils that you most likely already have in your kitchen.

The most important thing to have on hand is the equipment needed to strain your wine reduction. You’ll need good quality cheesecloth and a fine-mesh strainer. If you have these two things you are on the path to a dessert that has a timeless appeal.

Which Wine to Chose?
Because the standard method of making this dessert is to infuse a variety of floral and spicy flavours into the wine bath that you will be poaching the pears in, you can make it with your most basic red wine. However, given a little experimentation you may find that you like the spicy and berry flavours of a red wine like a Grenache which would bring out the essence of the pear.

The adventurous aspect of this dish has to lie in the flavours found in the wine and how they couple with the herbs you bring to the mix. One of the more common things usually thrown in with the ingredients is lavender and peppercorns. As the pears are poached, the flavours of these wonderful ingredients begin to soak into the fruit. The end result is a ruby red pear that sparkles when served.

How to Serve
An easy way to dress your Red Wine Poached Pear is to fill the centre portion which, having already been cored prior to poaching, provides an ideal location to hide ingredients such as mascarpone, chocolate, or even other fruits such as berries.

After you have removed your poached pears the liquid remaining in the wine mixture can be reduced until it turns into the perfect syrup to accompany your pear. The stems from the pears can also be saved to top off your pear so that it looks like it is naturally off the tree a brilliant, glistening gemstone.

Lasting Impressions
As any true wine expert will tell you there is no perfect match or wine pairing when you are looking for something to go with a specific dessert or dinner. For that reason serving a dish such as this that is already infused with wine, will make a lasting impression on your guests. There are some things that you can consider when you are choosing the wine that you will use to poach the pear in but it’s not necessarily a big deal.

If you have a bottle of wine that perhaps you just didn’t like and is sitting around waiting on someone to drink it, you could breathe new life into it and use it as your base wine for this dessert. The end result could really please you as you can alter as well as compliment some of the flavours of the wine easily.

Leave the cupcakes and really sweet desserts for a less formal occasion. When you are aiming to please your guests, show them that you don’t mind using a few extra dishes in your kitchen. Beyond the straining equipment and time spent creating the wine reduction, a dish this elegant really couldn’t be any simpler.

Author Bio: Carlo Pandian is an Italian expat living in London and loves writing about wine, one of my hobbies together with gardening. He would constantly shop wine for himself and his dinners at Roberson Wine his favourite retailer. When he’s not blogging, Carlo likes trying new recipes from its collection of cooking books and cycling in the countryside.

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