Pav’s Top 5 Pints

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Pint of Guinness
Courtesy of Independent

For all you pint lovers out there I have decided to enlighten you all by giving you my guide of the top 5 pints to drink. It has been very hard to come up with just 5 as there are so many different drinks to choose from. Also depending on my mood it would be very easy to change the list but I will give it a shot and my current top 5 are.

1 – Guinness – This was probably the easiest choice as for me, you just cannot beat a pint of Guinness.  For me you can not beat a pint of the black stuff as it is so smooth and satisfying. I love to have a pint of Guinness and it is my favourite pint by some distance.

The rest of the list was much harder as this does change depending on many circumstances, like the weather, how much I feel like drinking etc.

2 – Peroni – This has to be in my top 5 as I find it a very nice drink. Though be sure to have a pint of it and not go for a bottle as the bottle just does not taste the same. However I do find that beer on draught does tend to taste better than from the bottle. Another reason I like this is the glass it comes in.

3 Stella – A pint of the wife beater is always good when you are in the mood to get drunk as I do find that when you have 4 or 5 of these it does get to you more then some other pints. Though I do have to say I do not encourage wife beating in anyway no matter how many pints you have had.

Pint of Stella
Courtesy of Drinkstuff

4 Kronenberg – This is in my top 5 as I tend to find when you are planning a long evening of drinking you cannot go wrong if you stick to this. As it goes down ok and you will not get too pi**ed from it but it would put you in a good mood.

5 Frulli – Though I do not really tend to drink this that often I thought I would have it in my top 5 as when you fancy something different I always end up having a pint of this as it tastes so good. I would only ever really have one or two of these as it tastes too sweet.

The one thing I do admit is that there is not a cider in my top 5 but I am not really much of a cider drinker at the moment but I might have to give it a go, as ciders are becoming more and more popular.

Which one would you recommend?

Let me know what you think?

What your top five would be?

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