Party Time At Fusion & Fuse Basement Bar

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Champagne at Fusion
Images courtesy of Harmesh Valley

As I was filming a private function at Fusion in Northampton courtesy of True Moments, I decided to explore the whole place, as it was ever so pleasing to the eye. With the supreme looks of this place, you wouldn’t be ashamed to take anyone here.

Fusion & Fuse Basement Bar, Northampton

There are two floors representing Fusion. The upper floor was where the private function took place, so according to my calculation you’re most likely allowed to hire out the whole floor. It’s perfect for a little party with a buffet, as I shall explain further.


The variety of food available at the buffet was excellent. I was so spoilt for choice, as everything looked great. I simply put as much as I could, of everything, on my plate to analyze the quality of food “not that I was starving” and funnily enough, everything tasted so yummy – it was fantastic. Being an Indian restaurant, they served Pakora’s, Shish Kebabs, Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry, Saag (Spinach) and so much more – “Yum”.

Various Food Items at Fusion


The room consisted of a bar and a number of sections in the buffet area as you can see in the photos I took. Everything looked new for some reason, which gave it a refreshing look, especially with the sun shining through the windows. It also had a smart look to the place, especially with the buffet section cleverly displayed.


The waiters were smartly dressed and they seemed they knew what they were doing, they were a young bunch also may I add, great service none-the-less.

Fusion Bar and Restaurant

Lower floor

I managed to take a quick peek or two as I passed it a few times, didn’t want to go in as it was open to the public and didn’t want to disturb them from eating. It looked very similar to the upper floor and the customers seemed to be enjoying themselves – so I left them to it.

Fusion Bar

So down the stairs, into the basement you will find Fuse Basement Bar. A bit shocking to the system as I fell in love with this bar all due to its lighting, quality of the furniture and the posh look but yet still chilled out atmosphere. Hopefully you can see this through the pictures I took. They also had a little private section within the basement for karaoke I believe and even a make up room for the ladies which I thought was clever and beautifully designed “Not that I had to go in there for make-up”.

Fusion Decor

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