How To Make A Tasty Tuna Pasta Dish – Tuna Recipes

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Tuna Pasta
Photos by Harmesh Valley

Every time I get back from my gym session, I really have to eat my homemade tuna pasta, as it’s the only healthiest dish I can make. And my word do I make the best tuna pasta, fully confirmed by my friends and family. I love sharing secrets, so let this recipe be one of them.


1. Fusilli Pasta

2. Dolmio stir-in sauce for pasta (flavour of your choice)

3. John West Tuna Chunks in Brine

4. Your favourite cheese that can be grated or already grated


1. Get the water heated up in a pan, just as the water is about to start boiling throw in the pasta (just enough for yourself). Stir regularly for roughly 15-20 minutes.

Pasta in boiling water
pasta in boiling water

2. Give yourself about five minutes to get the rest of the ingredients out and then empty the pasta sauce into a frying pan. Stick the gas on low heat so the sauce heats up slowly.

Pasta sauce in a pan
pasta sauce in a pan

3. Once the sauce starts bubbling, throw in the tuna after rinsing out the brine. Now increase the gas slightly and mix with a wooden spoon.

Tuna in pasta sauce
add tuna to pasta sauce

4. Now quickly rinse the water out from the pasta with a drainer and throw the pasta into the tuna/pasta sauce mixture. Stir until all pasta is covered in the mixture.

Pasta in sauce
add pasta to the sauce

5. Switch gas off and serve on a large plate. Don’t forget the fork.

Tuna Pasta
mmmm time to enjoy…

6. Throw on the grated cheese and watch it melt.


1. If someone suddenly knocks on the door, DO NOT answer unless you like sharing.

2. Don’t forget to wash the dishes.

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  • Yas

    neve tho of mixin tuna with sauce.. thanks 4 d tip..

  • Harmesh Valley

    Have you tried it yet? Amazing or is it Amazing??

  • Mariam

    Might try but just want to know which type of sauce u added cos there is lots types of sauce from dolmio and want to try the one you used. Thank you

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