Jacket Potato Recipe

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Jacket Potato
Photo courtesy of Rahul Samplay

Everyone who is fitness conscious and hunts for the right food to maintain their body and weight will be pleased to know that a JACKET POTATO has many health benefits. Factually, after sugar, potato carbohydrates are great to keep your weight maintained. Since a cooked new potato has less than 30 calories combined with nutrients and proteins!

It is best to have the jacket potato with skin as that contains fibre carbohydrate which does not break down easily in your stomach hence it forces food quickly within the digestive system to get rid of waste quickly and effectively.

Plus, another benefit is that a JACKET POTATO is very filling so you will not feel hungry or crave for junk food which maintains your healthy diet! Of course, having listed such great benefits of JACKET POTATO then you will be eager to know how to make it, so I have recipe below:


  • 1 Large Potato
  • ¼ of Cucumber
  • 50g tin Tuna
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise


  • Heat the oven on gas mark 6 or 200c
  • Prick the potato skin with fork
  • Bake in the oven about 1 hour or until flesh is soft
  • While that cooks, open the tuna can and drain off any liquid
  • Put the tuna in a bowl and scramble with a fork.
  • Cut the cucumber into tiny pieces
  • Add the cucumber, tuna and mayonnaise and mix together
  • Remove the potato from the oven once cooked and cut into half
  • Add the tuna mixture over the top.

Optional toppings which can be added to the jacket potato:

  • Baked beans
  • Cheese
  • Sweet corn
  • Coleslaw
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