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I know many people have trouble finding the right ingredient(s), since if you are English then you will have trouble finding the right ingredients in a Indian grocery store and if you are an Indian then you will have trouble finding the correct ingredient in an English grocery store!  Since, the names of the ingredients and their usage are different in many ways.

Like you, I am no different so I have come with a solution to our problem and found out both the English and Indian names for several common ingredients:

Aniseed Ajowan or Carum Looks similar to celery seeds
Asafoetida Hing Has a strong flavour
Bay Leaf Tej Patta Comes from Cassia tree
Chickpea Flour Besan Made from skinned and ground chickpeas
Black Peppercorns Kali Mirchi Comes from fresh green berries
Cardamom Elaichi There are 2 different types which are green cardamom and black cardamom.
Chapatti Flour Maki Atta Fine whole wheat flour
Chillies Mirchi Careful which ones you use, my experience is the small ones are hotter!  The larger the chilli then the more bland it is.
Dried Red Chillies Lal Mirchi Hot and spicy
Cinnamon Dalchini Has a warm flavour
Cloves Lanvang Has a distinctive flavour
Coconut Nariyal Used in sweet dishes
Coriander Dhaniya Used for flavouring
Curry Leaves Kari Patta Comes from Southern India, use for flavouring vegetables
Cumin Jeera Strong in flavour
Fennel Seeds Saunf Sometimes chewed as a breath freshener
Fenugreek Kasoori Methi Strong and aromatic herb
Fenugreek Seeds Methi Dana Cream coloured seeds
Garlic Lasun Beneficial in reducing the level of cholesterol in blood
Clarified Butter Ghee There are two different types Butter Ghee and Vegetable Ghee
Ginger Adrak Is said to be good for improving blood circulation
Mint Pudina Easy to grow
Mustard Seed Sarsoon There are 3 types black, brown and green
Nutmeg Jaiphal Has a dark brown shell
Onion Pyaz Used in just about everything in Indian cooking.  It has a strong taste.
Cottage Cheese Paneer Cheese which withstands high temperature to keep its shape
Poppy Seeds Khus Khus Grown mainly in tropics
Sesame Seeds Til Have a rich and nutty flavour which is a nice snack food.
Tamarind Imli Used in most chutneys (sweet/ sour Indian sauces)
Turmeric Haldi Yellow in colour
Yoghurt Dahi Ingredient which can be made at home using milk. It has various flavourings!

Let me know if you know any more ingredients with both their English and Indian name!

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