Fancy An Italian? Zizzi’s Is Your Destination

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Courtesy of Zizzi’s

The Zizzi’s in Leicester is centrally located and well worth checking out if you fancy an Italian, as the restaurant itself is very nice, clean and modern with friendly staff. For an Italian the food is good, though I would say that the pasta’s or pizzas have never blown me away as being anything special. Though for a pizza or a pasta to be something special does take some doing as anybody can make them taste good but to truly make them mouth watering and worth coming back for again and again is a different matter. To be honest I have never been anywhere and truly blown away by a pizza or pasta but if I go Italy I bet I would be.

Last time I went, I did not even bother looking at the pizza or pastas on the menu and instead went for the Duck Arrosto which I found to be done really well and would definitely eat again if I went back. As the duck was cooked just right it was nice and tender and the saucy red wine reduction, gravy to me, just added to the taste of it. I have tried a few different pastas and pizzas before and found them all to be enjoyable and there is nothing I would not eat again.

To get the best value for money you are best of going during the week as there are quite a few different web-sites where you can get vouchers for Zizzi’s. The vouchers do vary and keep changing but just read the small print as some are not available Friday to Sunday. If you go and do have vouchers I would definitely say you are getting value for money. If you go and you have to pay full price you would still have a good time and well worth going.

Overall I think Zizzi’s is a place where you can have a nice enjoyable time and enjoy some quality food. If you like what you heard, why don’t you check out the menu at If you plan to go during the week why don’t you get yourself some vouchers from

Let us know what you think of the place.

Where is the best Italian restaurant you have been to?

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