Blue Peter – The Pub For Curry Lovers

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Meat Sizzler
Photos by Rinkesh Patel

Some members of team Tara recently went to Blue Peter Club for some food. For those of you who do not know about the Blue Peter Club, we are not talking about the well known children’s TV programme but a popular Indian restaurant/pub located in Leicester just off Belgrave Road on Law Street. Blue Peter is well known for providing quality Indian food and at a very good price. As it is only a relatively small place, arrive early to make sure you get a table as if you get there late you may have to wait around. Also, if you are going with family get there early, as it can get a bit loud later.

We had the boneless sizzler as a starter and it was delicious and well worth a 9 out of 10. As there was more then enough for the three of us and it tasted really good. The only downside was that before we got ours the fire alarm started going off when they served another table there sizzler, and the alarm kept going on for a while. So that must tell you that the sizzlers definitely sizzle.

Meat Sizzler
the sizzler which is highly recommended…

For mains we had to have Garlic Chilli Chicken as somebody can not live without it. It was quite nice but definitely not the best that I have had before and certainly not that chilli compared to other places. Though of the three dishes we had it was definitely the hottest.  We also had a Lamb Tawa even though we ordered a Chicken one, but could not be bothered to argue about it and have to wait for another to get prepared. The fact that the waiter messed the order up was not that surprising as he never wrote any of the order down so when the wrong dish turned up we were not really surprised. The Lamb Tawa was my pick of the dishes and very tasty with the lamb being nice and tender and cooked just right. We also had a Chicken Patia, although that didn’t go down to well with my colleague, as he thought he could have concocted a similar dish at home. Also, I have to say the Raita is really good as well and very nice and much better then most restaurants as some other places might just chop up a bit of cucumber or tomatoes and add it in, here it tasted really good.

3 Curry Dishes
Garlic Chilli Chicken (top left), Lamb Tawa (top right) and Chicken Patia (bottom)…

The up side of going to a place which is more of a pub that does food than a restaurant is that you always get better value for money in my opinion and in some cases the food can be even better then you would find in most restaurants who would charge you more for something which is not as good. So this is a place I would definitely recommend and go to again and is best to go with friends and when you’re in the mood for a couple of beers as well and not just food. Although the food is nice the place itself is nothing special and very basic, and does need expanding as it’s rather on the small side.

What pub do you think does the best curry?

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  • piara singh

    Thank you so much for writing this review of the restaurant please come again

  • toronto wala

    We went to this pub when we visited UK for kabaddi. One of the best places i’ve had indian food. Thanks Piara Singh ji for your hospitality to the Toronto Police Kabaddi Club.

  • Nitin Chauhan

    I used to be regular until the last dozen or so visits.After so long,of going to this pub and was shocked the treatment that the white clientel get relative to the Indian people get. White people are given A list service, even though they are raucous, racist and call the waiter Gunggadin, Sabu, or Abdul! I was once told when I went to eat after many years of patronage that these particular tables ere reserved for white people! I was horrified, here was the height of Indian subservaint behaviuor, a few years prior to this the white people were calling us curry muchers, Pakis. and garlic breath and now they had preferential treatment! Each week more and more white people come, who do not want Indians in the country but like Indian food. The barstaff, waiters give them preferntial treatemnt, and they get their food first and the best tables. He need to be reminded of who gave him support and stood up for him when they petitioned against the place! Shame on them!

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