Bar 166 & Bistro Horsforth, Leeds

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Bar 166 & Bistro, Leeds
Image courtesy of Bar 166 & Bistro

Bar 166 & Bistro in Horsforth, Leeds

Well if I didn’t know about Horsforth in Leeds before, I certainly know about it now.  What an experience Town Street in Horsforth, Leeds has provided. My colleague Rahul Samplay and I recently visited Bar 166 & Bistro in Leeds.

Having booked ourselves in for a table at 7pm, we arrive to find that the place is already full of hungry diners; hence our tables’ availability became 20 mins late. To be totally honest, I have never seen a restaurant so busy at 7pm. So we decided to have a drink in the bar next to the restaurant. The bar itself was starting to look pretty busy, and it wasn’t long before a large party turned up and packed out the bar. All this should be telling you what a quality establishment Bar 166 & Bistro is, and from what the staffs tell us, a lot of this is down to loyal customers who keep coming back for the great food and atmosphere, and having witnessed it with our own eyes, it certainly did not disappoint.

So what’s so great about Bar 166 & Bistro? Well let’s take a look shall we.


There was a variety of food which made it difficult for us to order- since there were sandwiches, wraps, light bites like salads and curries, pasta, homemade burgers and much more! Well where do we start with the food, it was mouth-wateringly tasty, from the starter right down to the desserts, a view that was equally shared by my colleague and we left Bar 166 with a dining experience that will remain with us for a long time to come.

“The starter was definitely crunchy but the sea salt was too salty for my liking; however it was quite a good starter” claimed my colleague.

Braised Pork Cheek Tortellini/ Crunchy Poached Duck Egg

My Braised Pork Cheek Tortellini went down really well, although I did find the Parsnip Puree a little on the sweet side, more than I would have liked, but that wouldn’t stop me ordering this starter again.

After a slight communication error, my Home Made Lamb Burger with Fries arrived. Note to self: read the menus properly, as I totally missed the fact I get fries with my burger and went and ordered Fat Chips. Anyways, the burger itself was so succulent that I could just keep eating them, but with the Fries and Fat Chips, I was really struggling with the Lamb Burger, but I wasn’t going to accept defeat and let that truly tasty burger go to waste so I slowly munched on. You truly know you’ve had a great meal when you’re struggling to finish it, as I was. The Lamb Burger was that nice that i’m not too sure I would order any other mains on a future visit to Bar 166 & Bistro.

Mains Dishes
Home Made Lamb Burger/ Roast Chicken Breast

For the main course, my colleague ordered Roast Chicken Breast [£13.90] which was stuffed with goats’ cheese, walnuts, leeks, sauté potatoes and candied lemon and he found it was too filling and he thought lemon flavouring was a bit excessive.

we weren’t really prepared for a full on dessert so just opted for the Lemon and Raspberry Sorbets, which proved to be refreshingly cool, and after the meal I had just had, it was exactly what I needed. “Absolutely delicious” cried my colleague as he devoured his Vanilla and Maltesers Ice Cream.


I have to commend the staff for the service they provided us. They were apologetic from the start that our table was delayed, which we didn’t mind too much, as that gave us a chance to relax and have a drink and to take in the atmosphere that was building up inside the bar. As mentioned above, there was a communication error where I order a Home Made Lamb Burger, and out came a Lamb Shoulder. Once again the waitress was apologetic as she returned the Lamb Shoulder, and as an act of goodwill even took away my colleagues dish so that we were able to eat at the same time. Overall, I can’t fault the service at all, there was approximately 15 minutes of wait between each course which was reasonable.  Plus, the food was well cooked, warm, crunchy when it said its crunchy and delicious.  The waitresses were always around to help even when the restaurant was full of customers, which was a good sign of fine service.

Restaurant/ Atmosphere

I firmly believe that the success at Bar 166 & Bistro is built purely on reputation. This was evident by the fact that at 7pm the restaurant was already full, and by 7.30pm the bar was packed out with early revellers and diners waiting to be seated. If I’ve learnt anything then it’s the fact that Bar 166 & Bistro and its sister venue the Sixty Too Bar, has truly put Horsforth on the map. Town Street, where both bars are located is THE place to be at to get the party started. What better way to get the party started than a great meal in the Bar 166 restaurant, a few drinks down the road at Sixty Too Bar and then head off to the vast nightlife of Leeds City Centre.

I do believe the success of Bar 166 & Bistro is down to mainly their loyal customers, like Andrew and Lisa (see picture) who say they are regulars to the venue and “they love the food that they serve at bar 166”.

Customers Lisa and Andrew

Within an hour of our stay at Bar 166, the restaurant, the bar and outside seating area was packed out and it became so loud that I could hardly hear myself think! So, if you like a lively and loud atmosphere over the weekend then you will certainly enjoy Bar 166.  The decor of the restaurant was very trendy and modern so it reflected freshness and youthfulness which I loved.

Dining Area


The prices are pretty simplistic in its manner. Starters are £6, Mains are £ 11.90, £13.90 or £15.90, sides are £2.50, and desserts are £5, although there are a few exceptions to these. My colleague and I came to the conclusion that the price reflects the quality of the food on offer; Bar 166 is definitely worth another visit for its dining experience.

Our Bill

Would I Visit Again?

The service was fantastic with the friendly staff and customers and good food, so it is a “thumbs up” to visit the restaurant again. The restaurant spells its magic of delicious food and fine service on everyone that visits, hence I would certainly visit again.  However, if I was to go out with my family then I would prefer to go on a quieter day so I could have a nice peaceful meal yet if I was to go out with friends then the liveliness of the weekend would be fine! If you’ve not been to Bar 166 Bar & Bistro on Town Street, Horsforth, then I thoroughly encourage you to pay a visit as soon as you can.

Reviews by Rinkesh Patel and Rahul Samplay

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