World Cup Second Round Update

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Lionel Messi
Still one of the best performers at the World Cup (courtesy of Zimbio)

On the whole the second round has provided lots of excitement and very good matches. There was only one really boring game and that was the one between Paraguay V Japan, but I am happy Paraguay made it through.

As it was 0 – 0 all game and went to penalties and neither team really tried to go all out to win the game as they were more scared of losing the game then trying to win it which was disappointing but understandable. The only other game to go to extra time was USA V Ghana which was a really good game.

The best two games were both played on Sunday, Germany V England and Argentina V Mexico, they were both exciting and fast paced with all the teams trying to win the game, although both matches did have there moments of controversy due to mistakes made by the referees, but more to follow on this topic. I was disappointed that England lost but they deserved to and have simply not performed to their potential for the whole of the tournament. I cannot wait for the winners to play each other as it will be another exciting match along with Holland V Brazil.

Of all the results the only one I would have predicted wrong was the Ghana win as I thought USA would win, although this was a very close game and there was not much between the teams. I thought that Spain would beat Portugal but I was very disappointed with the Portugal performance as they did not really go out to win the game. It appeared they were happy to keep it tight at the back and try and nick a goal at some point and were just too defensive.

Well I cannot wait for the Quarter Finals and hopefully some more attacking and entertaining football.

What have you made of the tournament so far?

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