World Cup Quarter Final Review

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I have to say the Quarter Finals were very entertaining and my favourite match had to be Uruguay V Ghana just for the drama of the ending. I mean could you ever get more of a dramatic ending with extra time being played the last kick of the game being a penalty that would have won the Match for Ghana.

However they missed the last minute of extra time of penalty and then go out on penalties I have never seen an ending like it. It was a great match for the neutral but I would have hated being a fan of one those countries as one minute you would be thinking you have won/lost and then it all changes. The one thing I do have to say is that I think the handball was the worst form of cheating seen so far at the tournament but many ex-players say that they would do the same in that situation and it was just being professional. To me that is just excuse as you cannot call cheating being a professional as that just shows you the morals of footballers.

The game between Holland V Brazil was ok first half but the second half was much better especially once Holland equalised as they started to play much better and I hope they can go on to win the tournament.  o me the most disappointing game of the quarter finals had to be Spain’s game V Paraguay as I expected more of Spain but they are still to really impress me so far this tournament with their passing game. Spain have definitely not lived up to expectations and if it was not for Villa they would have been out of the tournament by now. The fact they are in the Semi-Final having not played their best is a good achievement and their Semi against Germany should definitely be the better of the two.

As for Germany V Argentina I do not think many people would have predicted the score correct in this game. I do not know what it is with Germany before any tournament starts they are always written off but they always seem to perform and go far no matter what. No wonder they are sometimes referred to as the ‘tournament team’.  It was not just the score line of the game (4:0) but the performance as well, as at no point did Argentina really look like they were going to score and take control of the game.  The only reason I am disappointed Argentina are out is that Messi is gone and though he did not really perform that well in this game he has been one of stars of the tournament for me.

What has been your favourite match so far?

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