World Cup Experience At Home

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The World Cup, South Africa 2010 is less than 30 days away. You want to make sure you can enjoy every game with ultimate comfort, the perfect picture and the best of beverage, and you should have all these things in close proximity and within reach. So here is my guide to the perfect World Cup.

First let’s get the comfort out the way; you need a chair that will not give you any back-aches during the three games a day that will be shown during the group stages, a seat that will be centre to the TV and the perfect height so neck problems do not arise.

La-Z-Boy Football is the armchair for every football fan out there. No need to get up to go to the refrigerator to get a beer, lift up the arm pad and you have a cooler that can hold up to 6 cans of beer. How about some food, lift the other side arm pad and there is the telephone to speed dial a pizza. What if you’re feeling cold or feeling slight tension from the game, the 6-point massager and heat system is perfect for unwinding before the game.

Okay so you do not think an armchair such as the one mentioned above is a viable option and would not go with the rest of the furniture in your home? So the next thing to think about is how real do you want the game to be for you when you watch it? You want to have a realistic experience of the game, as if you were standing in the stadium in South Africa, and the latest Television technology lets you experience this.

The Sony KDL-40EX503 is rated the best TV on the market for the price, the 40EX503 sports lots of features, some are very useful features such as an USB media player so you can view pictures and video straight from a USB storage device. I like the idea of Freeview HD built-in, which will be perfect for the World Cup because the games are on BBC HD and ITV HD. After reading the reviews on the Internet, everyone compliments the TV’s image quality. There is 24p technology and 100Hz Motion flow and live colour will boost the overall performance, the 40EX503 handles blurred issues much better as it comes with Image Blur Reduction. I can access some internet content; the feature is awesome, solid built TV, which is Wi-Fi ready to transfer content from external and Wi-Fi ready devices.

The Sony KDL -40EX503 is available at for £749.99.

So you got the perfect TV, now you need some accessories to go with it…

Check out They basically supply you with the perfect fridge so you can have it so close to your seat, you do not have to worry about getting up during the game.

So now you cannot complain, I have given you all no excuses to have the perfect world cup so enjoy.

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