Wine Glasses: An Elegant Way To Promote Business

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There is a saying, if you tap slightly on the surface of a wine glass with a fork or spoon, it ward off evil spirits. How about giving your customers and clients wine glasses and portray the company as their well wisher? This is the most elegant corporate gift, adding flavor to the wine glass collection. Moreover, it does not promote alcohol addiction, rather research says, wine has the ability to reduce coronary heart diseases and maintain the immune system. Wine glasses are a long lasting item and if you use it for the purpose of promotion, your company receives visibility for prolong period of time.

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Usually, the promotional wine glasses are very artistic and eye catching, which should always be the right nature for a promotional gift. Some of the common designs are:

  • Goblets – These are archaic yet the most popular design. Goblet wine glasses have cup-like appearance, which initially used to make offering to Gods.
  • Tall burgundy glass – These are another common and classic designed promotional wine glasses. The tall burgundy glasses have a long arm for better grip and for tasting more delicate red wines.
  • Shot glass – Smallest promotional wine glasses, which can even be used for drinking whiskey and vodka.
  • Tall glasses – To give your company name a greater visibility, tall glasses can be a great pick. Apart from wine, it can be used to drink beer and the imprinted messages on it get easily conveyed to the onlookers.


You could have chosen simple glassware set for promoting your company, but the impact would not have been much. Wine glasses have special appeal, making your clients and customers feel special. It makes them believe, the relationship has been valued by your company. Similarly, these can be ideal Christmas or thank you gift for your employees. Wine glasses are ideal souvenirs for a company event or for new product launch. Other than these, wine glasses are perfect appreciation gift at the time of offering incentives or bonuses. It is a sign of gratitude that helps in earning trust from your employees, clients and customers. Do not go for low quality wine glasses because these would give negative vibes about your company. You would definitely not like to bring bad fame on your brand. You can either engrave or print the company name or logo on the wine glasses and create awareness to your targeted audience with a touch of charm and splendor.

The personalization option has given an advantage to promote your business. However, customization is not only restricted to company gift, it can be an unique gift for newly married couple or a return gift with the name of the occasion engraved on it to commemorate the day. Businesses of any size can opt for this strategy because the cost that it incur is lower than advertising media. It is a stylish way to promote your organization. You can even choose the colorful wine glasses but it would be better to stick to the typical and sophisticated transparent ones. So, say cheers and promote your business with grandeur!

Author Bio: Frank Newton is the Chief Financial Officer and Web Manager of Newton Screen Printing. As an industry veteran, he shares his thoughts on the art of customer service as well as various other industry insights. Frank also discusses the ins and outs of promotional merchandise and marketing.

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