Why Statement Jewellery Is Here To Stay

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When it comes to jewellery, fashions are constantly changing. One minute, everybody is wearing silver, the next they’re layering up with dozens of gold chains. Some of the fashions disappear as quickly as they came in, whereas others stick around for a bit longer. Statement jewellery is one such trend that has some serious staying power, with the general public and celebrities alike making sure it stays a key fashion.


Why does it remain stylish?

More often than not, statement jewellery is trying to send a message of some sort. It is making its mark and draws attention to the person wearing it. Because of this, it will never truly disappear from fashion. It is always going to be on trend in some form, but the design and statement it makes may change. Celebrities often use statement jewellery to convey a public message of some sort, but they also wear it to show their status. For example, celebrity engagement rings often feature huge diamonds that grab attention, making sure they’re talked about. They also remind everyone of how much money they have and that they are still a key player in their industry.


The Hollywood starlets of days gone by like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe wore statement jewellery on the red carpet, setting a trend that would stay around long after their lifetimes. Huge drop earrings and sparkly bracelets have been associated with glamour for many years and that trend won’t go away for a long time to come.


How to wear it

Statement jewellery can sometimes be difficult to wear, particularly if you are not familiar with it. The key is to make it the focal point of your outfit, rather than adding it to a dramatic gown for example. A huge pair of clip-on earrings can give you instant glamour and dress up even the plainest of outfits. The beauty of statement jewellery is that it works to make an outfit stand out; a simple little black dress can be made to look high-class with just the addition of some jewels.


Jewels are not necessarily an essential part of statement jewellery, but they add to the drama; bright colours and sparkles make the jewellery stand out. The most important rule for statement jewellery is that it needs to be big. Make the accessory the main part of the outfit and everything will come together.

First-time nerves

If you’ve never worn statement jewellery before, it can be quite a daunting prospect. It will obviously attract attention, which may be something you’re not comfortable or familiar with. One of the best ways to get around this is to use clip-on earrings. If you do feel uncomfortable at any point, you can just take them off. Alternatively, start small and build you way up. Perhaps a large cocktail ring worn on one hand will be enough to start with. Then you can start to add some sparkly earrings and a bracelet. Eventually, you’ll build the confidence to wear the big, bold items. The key to pulling off statement jewellery is not to get too carried away. Adding huge earrings, a bracelet, four rings and a necklace could make you look like a walking diamond. Pick one or two significant pieces, keep the outfit plain and you’ll be ready to go.

Images source: www.eternalcollection.co.uk, blog.zap2it.com and thefabuloustimes.com

Author bio: Lauren Sutton is a brand journalist, writing for a variety of different companies. In her spare time she likes nothing better than browsing all the different jewellery counters to find the perfect, unique cocktail ring to add to her already extensive collection.

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