Who Said Formula 1 Was Boring?

I certainly did not. The Australian GP was jam packed full of incidents with crashes, safety car and overtaking. It was a hundred times better then the last grand prix. It always seems to be that when it rains in a grand prix it makes it much more exciting.

Button won his first grand prix for his new team and must be delighted. Though if Vettel had not crashed out he probably would have won the race comfortably. Again the Red Bull’s keep being the best in qualifying but unfortunately can not take this into the race as first Vettel crashed out, then Webber having a coming together with Hamilton towards the end of the race, which cost them both valuable places. I do think Hamilton’s off the field dramas earlier in the week affected his performance.

Button did a good job and was very consistent through out the race and deserved to win. Alonso did well to finish fourth after his incident in the first lap and being left at the back of the grid. For Kubica to finish second it shows just how good of a driver he is as the two Ferrari’s behind were clearly faster and better cars, but they could still not get past him. The fact they could not get past him though was not just down to how a good a driver he is but also shows how much the cars rely on aerodynamics and clean air for their speed.

I think the season is looking up mainly because there is not one car which is head and shoulders above the rest which make the races more interesting and more likely there will be overtaking. I think the three main teams who will be fighting it out for the Championship are Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren.  Though Red Bull will definitely have to work on there consistency if they are to stand a chance in either the drivers or constructers championship. However, Mercedes and Renault will both think they have a chance of getting in the mix especially with the talented drivers they have at their disposal. I still think Alonso is the favourite but hope the Red Bull’s can work out there consistency problems and win.

Overall I think the race was much better then the first race and this was probably down to the fact that it rained and a first lap crash always adds to the drama of the race.

What did you make of the race?

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