What Now For Liverpool FC?

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Rafael Benitez
Courtesy of Mirror Football

Rafael Benitez’s 6 year reign finally comes to a halt, and I think most Liverpool fans will know it was coming sooner or later. Had it not been this summer, then most likely would have been given 1 more season to prove himself, however, this was not to be.

As a Liverpool fan myself, I personally feel he has walked himself out of his job. The season just gone has been very poor by Liverpool’s standards, and 19 defeats say so. Injuries have played their part in the poor season, but there’s no excusing poor team selection and substitutions.

Only 6 months ago, I was telling one of my friends that Rafa was doing this on purpose, and his substitutions, at a time when Liverpool needed wins, have baffled all. Last season was all about either Rafa making a statement to the owners, or players making a statement to the manager and not really wanting to play for Rafa. You have to remember Rafa Benitez is a very principled man, and it’s his way or no way, hence why he wanted total control over transfers.

Various factors have all played their part in ousting Rafa as Liverpool manager, including player unrest, strange tactics/ substitutions, boardroom wrangles and lack of transfer funds. Although the last one is quite debatable as the boardroom have sanctioned quite a few £20m players, the blame really has to lie with Benitez and his scouting network for being unable to unearth any gems.

I think a low profile manager will come to Liverpool on a short-term basis until ownership issues are sorted out before they get a high profile manager, and wouldn’t be surprised to see either Sammy Lee or Kenny Dalglish take over for the time being. Although this may be all speculation and new owners are already in and part of the deal may have been that they no longer require the services of Rafa Benitez, and in a few weeks or so, a big name manager could well come in.

However, at the moment, it’s a whole load of question marks hanging over Liverpool Football Club.

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