What Is Married Life Really Like?

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My unmarried friends ask me what is married life like and do I recommend it. I always think to myself that there is no simple answer to these questions. Married life might work for me but not for other, sometimes it is better to say try it and find out, but it is not a food or drink that you can just try and if you do not like it throw away.

I was 22 years old when I got married (2006), I am a Hindu Punjabi and my wife is Sikh. There is not much difference between our beliefs and cultures, but it can still be frowned upon. Me and my wife had been going out 5 years before we decided to get married, her parents did not know anything for 5 years, she was scared that they would not accept it. After some persuading they agreed.

Now 4 years on, I look back at when we first got married. It was like we started from the beginning, getting to know each other as we had never lived together or picking up on our annoying habits.

We moved in with my mum, so that was strange at first for my wife but I knew they would always get on and my mum would see her as a daughter and not as a daughter in law. Married life can take a lot of sacrifice’s and hard work, but there are so many more benefits.

My wife is my best friend; I can talk to her about anything. Always knowing she would support me in anything I want to do. I do not need to hide anything from her, that’s what I always tell my friends to look for in a potential wife, someone who is a friend who will be by your side through thick and thin.

You are also adopting your partner’s family. I have always got on really well with my wife’s brothers and sister, but when I got married I got a great Mum and Dad, who would do anything for me. I know for some people the so called in laws are hard to get on with or they just plain and simple do not like the fact your in there child’s life, but that was not the case with me (thank god).I think if you can show them you are keeping there child happy they will be happy with you.

What I would say to anyone looking for a girl to get married to, your potential wife is not going to cook, clean and run around after you like say a mother does, you do not go looking for a new mum. You look for someone who will be there for you; someone if you come home tired from work will get you your food or pack your lunch for the next day. It’s all about give and take and understanding each others emotional needs.

The physical side of married life is, some might say, a benefit but again it takes time and hard work to get it right for each other. The daily routine of life, work, kids, families or just general responsibilities can have a negative effect on your sex life. It is a challenge for both of you to work together to get it right.

I love my married life and would not change anything.

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