Top 10 Robert Green Jokes

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Robert Green’s blunder will be remembered for a very long time, and the timing of the blunder makes it even worse, at the bl**dy World Cup? Well at least it wasn’t in the actual Final hey? Not like they will get there anyways, and with England’s dire performances, we sure need something to cheer us up.

The Robert Green jokes doing the rounds really are funny. Here’s my top ten:

  1. Look these Robert Green jokes are getting out of hand and quite frankly crossing the line.
  2. Robert Green has been training all day and has gone 4,000 shots without conceding a goal; tomorrow he and Heskey will be training with the rest of the squad.
  3. If only John Terry had lived next door to Robert Greens missus.
  4. At least that’s one British spillage the Americans won’t be moaning about.
  5. Leave Green alone, he’s a true American Hero.
  6. Robert Green has just been refused a Savings Account in his Local Bank
  7. My computer’s got the Robert Green virus, it can’t save anything.
  8. Before he got into football, Robert Green was a bus driver. But he got fired because he couldn’t make any stops.
  9. Green went to the doctors about an itchy head. The doctor said he’s probably using the wrong shampoo. When asked which shampoo he used he said ‘Head And Shoulders
  10. Why is Robert Green like ITV HD? They both switch off at the crucial moment.

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  • Harmesh

    Three hours of football and Robert Green is still England’s top scorer.

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