Tile Shop Or An Art Gallery?

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Buddha Statue
Photos by Harmesh Valley

You hear people shout out “Wow” every now and again, but this was probably after a long time and to my amazement I was gob-smacked and not only whispered “wow” to myself but felt a whole new meaning behind this word. You might be wondering if I just seen the hottest girl in town? Or maybe a sports car I can only dream about? Of all the things I could be wowed by, it was a tile shop.

All I wanted was to look at some tiles for my bathroom that I was doing up, and walked into a tile shop recommended by my cousin. I parked up and thought nothing of it looking at the building, but as I entered, first thing I see is was a gigantic statue of a Buddhist, which was placed in the centre of the shop floor. And ‘yes’ this was a tile shop I walked into.


As I browsed around the shop floor, I was simply amazed with not only the quality and unique styles of the tiles, but the design and layout of the whole shop floor. My eyes were soon turned away from the tiles to the statues that popped out from every corner including one of Ganesh. I never been amazed with flower pots in my life, but I fell in love with this one, and ‘yes’ I am talking about the one in this tile shop.

Well I couldn’t help myself but to take a few snaps to express the love I now share with this tile shop. The shop is called Stone Source, which is based on Burleys Way, Leicester.

Kitchen Worktop

A Designer Tile

An Artistic Flowerpot

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