The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Checklist For Your Big Wedding Day

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It’s your day. It might be the only time the focus is on you. Then after the ceremony and festivities are over, you will leave with your groom and his focus will be solely on you. Everything must be perfect. You can’t leave anything to chance. So what are the important things that should be on your checklist?

Two Weeks before Your Wedding

Get your hair trimmed. After a haircut, your hair is in shock and will not ‘behave’ for a few days. Get the trim in time for your hair to relax. If you use any chemical treatment on your hair, do it at the same time. If you plan to have your hair professionally done, this is a good time to practice.

If you plan to have your make-up professionally applied, have a practice session with your makeup artist. The appropriate look for you should to be discussed before your wedding day.

If your skin is not the way you want it, discuss this with your hair-dresser or makeup artist.

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Get Rid of the Puff

Begin flushing your system. You don’t want to appear ‘puffy’ on your wedding day. Even if you get in that beautiful Jim Hjelm wedding dress, your eyes, feet, and hands will look puffy if you’re retaining water. Drink more water and less caffeine than usual. Eat less sugar and salt than usual.

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Leave Nothing to Chance

The week before your wedding, try on your wedding attire for any last minute alterations. Be sure to include all underwear, shoes, and jewelry. Check the fit of your gown, including the hemline. Look carefully at your underwear to make sure no bulges can be seen from beneath the dress. When you undress, pack each item the way you will need it on your wedding day.

Clean It Up

A few days before your wedding, have your eyebrows professionally arched. Remove the hair from your legs, underarms, and anywhere else you wish. Be sure to moisturize afterward to prevent dry skin.

Pack it up

The day before your wedding, pack everything you’ll need for dressing. Organize items in the order you will need them. Consider packing several small bags with specific items, one for make-up, one for hair essentials, and one for jewelry.

With a little organization and a good checklist, you will be your most beautiful on the most important day of your life.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that often writes about small businesses. She enjoys reading home blogs and occasionally writes for them. She is a mother of one and enjoys traveling in her free time.

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