The Future Of Home Servers

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The Future of Home Servers

Like many households around the world, you might have a home server set up that links all your computers together, but the chances are, you’re probably not utilising it to its full potential. Many of us use servers at work and whilst at college or school, so that we can store large amounts of data safely and securely, should we ever need to retrieve it, but did you know you may actually be able to use servers for other useful purposes too in the future?

For example, servers are now able to connect up to other servers, so you could seamlessly exchange photos, videos and other files without needing to use a service like Facebook. Best of all, if you add a photo-sharing program to your server like Opera Unite, you’ll be able to share your images with all your friends and family members without annoying upload times and without having to fiddle with privacy settings to get it just right. Simply place all your pictures in a shared folder, and people will be able to instantly view them online.

And that’s just the beginning, a home server runs 24/7, and makes all of your files easily accessible, but it also means you’ll never have to worry about losing all your data ever again. The best thing about home servers, is that they are improving in size all the time, so they’re becoming more than capable of holding all your back-up data, and they can even hold the back-up data of multiple computers. Cloud storage is becoming an increasingly more viable option for computer back-ups, but the problem is, you need to be connected to the internet to use them, and if you’re not constantly online, this may not be for you.

One of the other great developments in home servers is the fact that you’ll soon be able to run a lot of features around your home from your computer. For example, how about playing music around your whole home at just the touch of a button? Gadgets such as the Logitech Squeezebox can stream music direct from your home server, so you can have iTunes or Spotify around your home. You can even split your home into zones, so music can be in sync, or playing different tracks and playlists in different areas.

Soon your home server will also be your first stop for home security too, so you’ll never have to splash out on expensive gadgetry ever again, instead all you’ll need is a few webcams and microphones! Wire up the hardware, and then simply install security software onto your home server, it’s as easy as that. You can even install features like motion detectors and remote viewing software, so you can even check up on your home whilst on holiday or at work.

And finally, it’s obvious the entertainment industry is pushing towards on-demand streaming services for watching movies, but how about having your very own Netflix for free? Build up your movie collection on your home server, and soon you’ll be able to stream to your T.V whenever you like, so your entire film library is at your fingers.

Even further into the future, home servers may be able to automatically control your lights, adjust your thermostat, and even cook your dinner ready for when you get home, they’re the gateway to the home of the future!

Guest post contributed by Kirstie on behalf of Flow Optics, sellers of optical transceivers and experts in home servers.

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